Korea’s Best & Most Popular Kimchi

Kimchi – The Most Popular Among All Korean Food


Kimchi is the most popular and basic Korean food. Koreans eat Kimchi in nearly every meal and every day.

Kimchi is a standard Korean fermented dish with different vegetables. It is understood for the source of nutrients and to help digestion and limiting the development of harmful germs in the intestines. It is excellent practical food with numerous physiological functions such as having an anti-oxidation and anti-aging function, and anti-cancer effect. The main ingredient such as Baechoo (Chinese cabbage) benefits colorectal cancer and garlic is good for the avoidance of stomach cancer. In addition, Kimchi can avoid lung cancer because of its high material of beta-carotene. Also, a spicy component like pepper gets rid of nicotine from the surface area of the lungs, This is why the US publication Health called Kimchi in its list of top 5 “World’s Healthiest Foods” for being abundant in vitamins, assisting food digestion, and even possibly retarding cancer development. Its nutritional value and effects have actually been proved clinically.

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The word “Kimchi” is from Chimchae which indicates pickled veggies. Therefore in the broad perspective, all fermented food by marinaded can be seen as Kimchi. Nutritionally Kimchi is a food that has low calories and high fibers. Especially vitamin C, beta carotene, B vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. are plentiful.

Garlic and red pepper in Kimchi inhibit the activities of bad bacteria and assist to ferment the lactic acid efficiently and assist to develop the various functional materials. Kimchi has lactic acid four times more than dairy products in the market. Specially lactic acid synthesized from vitamin Band amino acids is good for preventing constipation and cancer.

Kimchi likewise promotes hunger and works for diet plan and minimize cholesterol in the blood vessels. In addition to that, Kimchi improves the body’s immune system because of its anti-oxidant impact.

Kimchi’s composition can be separated into the primary vegetable active ingredient and the mix of spices used to flavor the Kimchi. While the most popular type of Kimchi is the baechoo, several types exist including regional and seasonal ranges. Popular versions include Ggakddugi which is a Kimchi made with cubed radishes, Pa Kimchi (made with scallions), and Oisobaegi which is a cucumber Kimchi packed with hot and spicy seasonings.

The Kimchi Field Museum in Seoul has recorded 187 historic and existing ranges of Kimchi. As a result of continuous efforts by the Federal government, industry and academy for the industrialization of Kimchi, our conventional fermented food, Kimchi market has actually quickly grown to form over 500 billion won worth domestic market. Additionally, as nearby nations like Japan and China have strongly advanced into the world’s Kimchi market, the Kimchi market has been diversified. Despite the multi-dimensional modifications in an environment of the Kimchi market, a harmony of quality, standardization and long-term conservation which are the most essential factors in merchandising Kimchi have actually still remained like the old technique.

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