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 Hemp Oil as a Good Alternative

You would be surprised how versatile hemp oil is. Not only is it effective as an alternative to applications that use petroleum for skin and hair products, it is also able to alleviate pain and it even serves as a good cure for various health issues. Because it is all natural, it can help in blood circulation and skin nourishment. It is definitely very helpful to those who suffer from high blood pressure and skin illnesses. Moreover, hemp oil can be used as a replacement for olive oil. You need not worry if you ran out of olive oil while cooking your specialty dish or making your favorite salad; because for as long as you have your hemp oil available, you are good to go. Hemp oil can even give your perfect dish a more enticing and satisfying taste. You just have to make sure you do not cook your food over high heat. Plus, instead of using petroleum as a base in molding plastics it is wiser and safer to use hemp oil because it does not release hazardous chemicals while it is in its decomposition stage. Also, hemp oil can also be used as a component in the production of paints as it does not emit harmful chemicals. These are only a few reasons why hemp oil is a good alternative.

 Hemp as Source of Protein

According to the program director for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil,  CBD hemp oil contains twenty-five percent of protein. This known fact is acknowledged by the Arizona Board of Regents. This protein content provides amino acids which are almost the same as the amount of protein you will get from meats and eggs. Finally, this protein content of hemp oil provides the human body the protein that it needs without the excessive calories.


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